Abraham Josephs Dynamic Touch Pain Healing

Abraham Joseph's Dynamic Touch Pain Healing

Healing Pain without Drugs

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Let me introduce myself, I am Abraham Joseph, a teacher in arts retired from idukki St,George Higher Secondary School. I am also the vice president of Junior Red Cross Idukki District . Specialist teacher's union Former state president and Udumbanchola Tha

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DYNAMIC TOUCH treatment is mainly used to heal pains in different parts of the body including migraine, head ache, back pain, neck pain, hand and leg pain, tooth ache etc. with immediate effect. By applying pressure in various parts of the patient's body i

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ഡൈനാമിക് ടച്ച്


പ്രധാനമായും വിവിധതരം വേദനകൾക്കുള്ള ഔഷധരഹിത ചികിൽസയാണ് ഡൈനാമിക് ടച്ച് പെയിൻ ഹീലിംഗ്.  മരുന്ന്,

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8am to 5pm Every Wednesday at NS

About us

Let me introduce myself, I am Abrah


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