Abraham Josephs Dynamic Touch Pain Healing

Abraham Joseph's Dynamic Touch Pain Healing

Healing Pain without Drugs

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dsLet me introduce myself, I am Abraham Joseph, a teacher in arts retired from idukki St,George Higher Secondary School. I am also the vice president of Junior Red Cross Idukki District . Specialist teacher's union Former state president and Udumbanchola Thaluk Library council former executive Committee member.
I have published many articles in the news papers related to the fields of health, education, road safety and alcoholism. I have published a book titled " Avakashangal kavamnedukapetta Vidhyarthikal" I have spoken about this subject in Akashavani Devikulam Radio station. last programme was held at Akashavani Devikulam on 30th september 2014. about my druggles pain healing, And mathrubhoomy news channel also have covered news about my drugless treatment on 23.12.2014 medianet news idukki on 17.07.2015, HCN News on 19.07.2015 and Mathrubhumi daily on 05.09.2015
My father , V E Joseph was a teacher and homeo practitioner. He used country medicine, homeopathy, yoga and other methods to cure disease. Thus I had an opportunity to study such techniques from my childhood. My Grandfather Mr. Ittiyavira has given me some knowledge about Mamma. My Aunt Sr. Blaise FMM was a staff nurse in Tamilnadu also encouraged me more to practice drugless pain healing.
In 1991, Grand master Chaokok Sui and his team from Philippines visited Kerala and taught pranic healing to a lot of people. I got training from Choakok Sui. He issued a certificate and identity card to me. I have studied Rekhi from R. Chandran Bombay. Yoga from Swami Devaprasad Dyana Asram Vayanadu. I have Studied different healing methods from various masters in Kerala and Tamilnadu. During my practice, I have discovered many remarkable findings connected with pain. I have received Doctorate in traditional systems of medicine and science from Concordia Open University on 27 th May 2017
Psychological reasons bad food habits and bad lifestyle have been shown to cause disease. A large number of diseases can be cured by comprehensive evaluation of the patient's condition and by changing the life style and food habits. Nowadays, a majority of the doctors and patients are depending exclusively only on medicines for curing disease. This may lead to worsening of disease or development of symptoms. This may be due to the non-treatment of the basic cause of the disease.
Pain in various parts of the body is a very stressful condition for human beings. Some migraine patients are taking medicines regularly for 10 years to 30 years and affected with the side effects of the medicines. In most cases after few years the doses keep on increasing, but results are found to be decreasing. In some cases medicines and injections show no effect. Such patients go from one hospital to another, and again going from. one system to other, for curing migraine. But treatment for the migraine is very difficult in various systems such as Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc.
Most Patients and DoetOrs are thinking that Healing the pain without medicine is impossible. That is not correct. Severe pains can be cured without using drugs or costly diagnostic techniques, including long lasting migrane,and tooth ache.
I have more than 25 years experience in healing pain without medicine. I have healed so many patients affected by migrane, headache, toothache, hand and neckpain, shoulder pain without medicine. I have also healed some migrane patients who were living in closed rooms. They were unable to look at day ligbt.The healing process takes five minutes to thirty minutes. Some patients have a tendency to vomit due to pain. such patients can also be cured without medicine.


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