Abraham Josephs Dynamic Touch Pain Healing

Abraham Joseph's Dynamic Touch Pain Healing

Healing Pain without Drugs


dsDYNAMIC TOUCH treatment is mainly used to heal pains in different parts of the body including migraine, head ache, back pain, neck pain, hand and leg pain, tooth ache etc. with immediate effect. By applying pressure in various parts of the patient's body it can also give good results in the disabilities connected with stroke without using any medicines at all.
When damage occurs in the brain, the patient may be affected by different discomforts, paralysis of one side including face, hand, leg etc loss of memory, inability to speak, loss of physical control and also insomnia.
Brain controls the body through nervous system. In 1891 Charts Sherinator discovered that messages from all the body are going through the nervous system as electrical waves. A pain is felt when the message arrives in the brain through nervous system.
In my experience it was known that we can give stimulation to the brain through the various parts of the body by giving pressure. With dynamic Touch Therapy, I have already healed many patients giving them amazing results.


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    Euro-India International Conference on Experimental and Clinical Medicine (ICECM-2017) on 10-12 Nove

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    Dynamic Touch for Healing Pain without Drugs

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